september / i took the plunge

summer is winding down. the humidity is at bay (for now), windows are open, and sun is sinking earlier each night. i can't help but begin to have football + cozy socks + pumpkin spice on the brain.



but i am doing my best to stay in the summer mindset for a few more weeks... it is a wonderful season that i wait so long for, so i hate to wish it away at the flip of the calendar. for now, i'll continue to cook on the grill and go barefoot as much as possible.



as you can see, after holding off for as long as i could (because i'd heard of its addictive ways), i took the plunge and joined pinterest. everything i heard was true... it's wonderful and terrible all the same. in my defense, it was in a moment of severe boredom and it seemed like the best solution at the time.

sigh / follow me here.