fall is sweeping in

savory apple tart

savory apple tart [caramelized onions, cheddar, prosciutto] - just one of the creations from our many apples.

tall, autumn trees


this weekend was a perfect one for camping. we got away to the woods and soaked up the sunshine and cloudless days one last time. the evenings were chilly enough to bundle up and enjoy barbecue beans & biscuits, made in the dutch oven.



a warmish fall walk.

other items to note:
+ today i watched leaves fall from the trees one by one
+ our house smells like fall, cider and macintosh candles are burning simultaneously
+ a batch of granola is due to be made
+ (and, can you believe it? i've yet to mix up anything pumpkiny!)
+ for some reason, i've got christmas on the brain
+ busy, but managing to give notice to the simple things