november now

yesterday, with my first step out the door, it hit me. it feels like november. you know how it feels when you're pulling that pumpkin pie out of the oven… glancing outside to the gray sky? toting baked goods to thanksgiving dinner, giving hugs, warming up inside and stealing away from the bleak outdoors? leaves piled in the gutters, almost-bare branches, the smell of a fire, maybe a snowflake or two. that's how i will always think of november.


i am happy that thanksgiving is less than a week away. it feels like it's been a long time coming. being especially mindful of thankful this week.



thankful for a job that keeps me busy and challenged. (challenged! last year at this time i couldn't imagine such a thing). for design projects that stimulate. for hot tea and a blanket. for a fireplace - we can't get enough of the crackling, natural warmth. for spinning classes. for recipes and sewing projects and christmas ideas. for football games and butternut squash. for a big family with whom to celebrate the upcoming holiday. for the festive red cups. for pandora / especially the shuffle setting. for the anticipation of getting our christmas tree next week(!) and for having found the very best peanut butter. for finally tackling projects. for smartwool socks and girl scout cookies and sunlight in the mornings. you guys, i'm so thankful.


have yourselves a cozy weekend - back next week with a peek into some holiday prep.