thanksgiving pie

so. i was going to leave you with a great recipe for butternut squash soup today. but it seems that the photos are stuck on my camera (which is dead, and the battery charger is missing)… and seeing that i have bread to bake and nails to paint and fried onions to sprinkle, this iphone shot of a pie will have to do.

apple cider cream pie

how is your prep going? at this point, i couldn't be more thankful to have no travel plans this thanksgiving. it has been raining nonstop on the east coast, and the roadways and airports are dreadful.

with time to spare, i made it to the spa this morning(!), and will meet my husband for lunch today to kick off our holiday weekend. no complaints here.

i made this pie to share with family and friends earlier in the week. ever since i saw the recipe in food & wine, i was dying to try it. and instead of bothering to type it all out, i will send you straight to the source. ladies & gentlemen (do i have any gentlemen?)… i present you with apple cider cream pie. please make and take and share this holiday. it strays just a bit from the traditional pies, but it is sure to be the shining star at your feast.

have the happiest thanksgiving.