vegas at christmastime










last week i had a seminar to attend in vegas. i was there for a few days-- and then matt flew out and met me for the second half of the week. we had an amazing time, definitely exceeding my expectations. i had been there before for work, but never really had a chance to explore. the over-the-topness is unsurpassed. breathtaking design, amazing food and drink, people-watching galore. we had a blast trying out all the different restaurants, doing a little gambling, and walking walking walking. we walked through the casinos, malls, down the strip. it was chilly, but we took in the perfect blue sky and warm sun. admittedly, i was a bit hesitant about spending time in vegas in december, but it's a pretty special place… and the christmas cheer was evident.

*i will say, though, that spending a week in december away makes for an even crazier month. i do feel like i'm getting there-- the house is decorated, cards are sent, most gifts are wrapped... but i'll inevitably be running a bit this week. i do plan to give you a peek into our christmasy home, so be sure to check back!