hello, hello! and happy new year. here we are a couple weeks in already, i can hardly believe it. we had a lovely holiday filled with family and food and so many blessings... it really is my favorite time of the year. we spent new years' out in minnesota-- not the cold we experienced a couple of years ago, but still chilly enough for ice fishing snowy walks and all day fires.

and in a matter of days, the tree was down and the decorations are boxed up once again. the unwrapped gifts are put away and moved into rotation. the sense of new&exciting remains though, and the new year is full of possibility.


 a few notes on what january looks like so far:

roasted veggies for soup
ice cold water out of the faucet
clean eating
thank-yous on fresh stationery
loud creaks from the radiator
new socks and mocs
wishing for snow (but seeing rain instead)
football (playoffs!)
purging drawers and closets
fresh playlists*
hot fires
new books
filling calendars

one of our favorite gifts from christmas is the newest addition to our kitchen-- the vitamix! we've been giving it a workout with smoothies and soups-- and are looking forward to trying some juices and flours next.


here's a recipe for a simple, savory mango pineapple smoothie. the ingredients are casually thrown in-- so it's not specific in the amounts-- and the fruits may be fresh or frozen. (i recommend adding some ice if you are using fresh fruits).

1 cup almond milk
2 T. milled flax
1/2 tsp. cardamom
dash cinnamon

blend all ingredients in high-speed blender, adding more almond milk or water if necessary. season with additional cardamom and cinnamon to taste.

*what are your favorite artists/albums of late? my post-christmas self doesn't know what to do without the holiday tunes! ready for something new.