a november hello


i can't believe i've been gone from here for the better part of a year. i won't dwell on the reasons or make excuses, as you've heard it all before. in summary, "life gets in the way".



so let's move forward, shall we? it's november. the skies are white, the trees are close to bare. we're preferring to light a fire over turning on the heat. it's a yearly challenge and we haven't flipped the switch just yet. we'll choose soup and chunky sweaters and a warm oven for now.

i can't help but being overcome with thankfulness in this season. that we were unharmed by hurricane sandy. that we have a roof over our heads and big piles of leaves in the backyard and that we live in freedom, and can choose our leader. i'm especially thankful for that today.


i am so thankful for this space. that i can always pick up where i left off, and (maybe) someone out there will read. here's to a fantastic season… to crackling fires and cozy scarves and warm apple pie.

it's good to be back.