married life

vegas at christmastime










last week i had a seminar to attend in vegas. i was there for a few days-- and then matt flew out and met me for the second half of the week. we had an amazing time, definitely exceeding my expectations. i had been there before for work, but never really had a chance to explore. the over-the-topness is unsurpassed. breathtaking design, amazing food and drink, people-watching galore. we had a blast trying out all the different restaurants, doing a little gambling, and walking walking walking. we walked through the casinos, malls, down the strip. it was chilly, but we took in the perfect blue sky and warm sun. admittedly, i was a bit hesitant about spending time in vegas in december, but it's a pretty special place… and the christmas cheer was evident.

*i will say, though, that spending a week in december away makes for an even crazier month. i do feel like i'm getting there-- the house is decorated, cards are sent, most gifts are wrapped... but i'll inevitably be running a bit this week. i do plan to give you a peek into our christmasy home, so be sure to check back!

happy halloween + other recent happenings

lately-enjoying fall

happiest halloween to you! it is a brisk day in maryland today... sunshiney but chilly, and there is no snow left in sight from our saturday squall. there are no costumes for us today, but we do have a full basket of fun-sized treats and a big ol' pumpkin which will become our lantern by dark. with any luck, we'll have more than 4 costumed kids come a knocking.

some recent snapshots//

kane sporting his 'boo!' bandanna which i made last year
an abundance of mini pumpkins and gourds at the market
pumpkin pie oatmeal
a shot out the window on a fall roadtrip
a yellow leaf carpet
sunday evening soup with a fire burning
our front entryway-- mums abound
some new fall polish for my nails: greens & blues
a morning walk with kane
and him waiting for crumbs to drop from the kitchen counter
ravioli with apples, walnuts & sausage / garnished with parm
new wall decor by the front door: "off to see the world..."

ps. remember when we carved a kane-o-lantern?

happy treating!

what our saturday looked like














a long drive through the country, and a morning spent in the orchard with my husband picking apples... 26 lbs, to be exact. we don't expect to run out anytime soon. we also got mums for the front porch (no pumpkins yet!) and stocked up on some fresh produce.

thank you for your patience as blogging comes and goes (mostly goes, lately). the new job is keeping me very busy... in a good way... but i haven't been left with much spare time. this weekend was the first time i took my camera out in a good while. i plan to pop in with updates here and there, and you can always pop over to pinterest to see what's inspiring me!

one year.







two weekends ago, matt and i celebrated our one year anniversary. neither of us can believe it was one year ago that we got married.

we marked the occasion with a low key, summer night away in the tiny boating town of st. michaels. we stayed in a little inn, strolled the streets, and ate delicious food, admired the crepe myrtle, sipped cold drinks on a shady bench. we talked about the past, present and future. we both agree that our wedding was an absolute blast, but being married is even better.

happy one year, husband.

weekend happenings


this weekend was one of our last free ones for awhile. we enjoyed some time sipping drinks by the pool, spending time with family, and welcoming the sun after a rainy week. on sunday we stopped by the farmer's market after church and picked up some strawberries & asparagus, as well as some fresh rolls and meat for dinner. we did work in the yard, ran some errands and then feasted on our grilled burgers. we are looking forward to all we have in the upcoming weeks, but really enjoyed savoring the simple time at home.

veggie garden: progress

veggie garden 1

we're making progress! after doing some serious research about raised beds and the type of vegetables that would work in our region, we got right to work.

matt built a raised bed, we filled it with organic compost soil, and nestled it in amongst the existing garden.


veggie garden 2

we planted two types of tomatoes, sweet red peppers, cantaloupe, zucchini, sweet potatoes, bush beans and sugar snap peas.




sweet potato


will keep you posted on the progress!

[i would still like to have a garden that looks like this... one day.]