i finally had a chance to visit terrain last week, and it was nothing short of amazing. christmas greens and berries and garlands and found objects and candles and soaps and spices and ornaments and any kind of cute gifty object you can imagine. i think this might be the best time of year to visit… of course, i might be biased.  i will have to return in the spring! and, you MUST go if you have the chance.

a november hello


i can't believe i've been gone from here for the better part of a year. i won't dwell on the reasons or make excuses, as you've heard it all before. in summary, "life gets in the way".



so let's move forward, shall we? it's november. the skies are white, the trees are close to bare. we're preferring to light a fire over turning on the heat. it's a yearly challenge and we haven't flipped the switch just yet. we'll choose soup and chunky sweaters and a warm oven for now.

i can't help but being overcome with thankfulness in this season. that we were unharmed by hurricane sandy. that we have a roof over our heads and big piles of leaves in the backyard and that we live in freedom, and can choose our leader. i'm especially thankful for that today.


i am so thankful for this space. that i can always pick up where i left off, and (maybe) someone out there will read. here's to a fantastic season… to crackling fires and cozy scarves and warm apple pie.

it's good to be back.

one year.







two weekends ago, matt and i celebrated our one year anniversary. neither of us can believe it was one year ago that we got married.

we marked the occasion with a low key, summer night away in the tiny boating town of st. michaels. we stayed in a little inn, strolled the streets, and ate delicious food, admired the crepe myrtle, sipped cold drinks on a shady bench. we talked about the past, present and future. we both agree that our wedding was an absolute blast, but being married is even better.

happy one year, husband.

checking in


oh my, friday already. springtime is flying by and i'm trying to savor every moment. last week was only sunshine, and i tried to spend as much time as i could outside. this week, in contrast, has been damp and gray, SUPER humid, and punctuated by thunderstorms. summer is on its way for sure.

much is happening and life is full. with all the rain, the herbs are flourishing (i added rosemary, cilantro, and two types of basil) and the little veggies are getting bigger by the day. double impatiens in a bright, coraly-red shade are potted on the front porch, and the long grass begs to be mowed every week. we are eating asparagus and strawberries like crazy, and i've got rhubarb in the fridge just waiting for the perfect recipe. windows are open, sweaters and jackets are swapped out for dresses and flip flops, and a light pink polish is swiped on my nails.

while home decor projects are paused at the moment, i do have a couple of invitation designs in the works. wedding season is coming in fast and hard, and with that comes showers and bachelorette parties and other such festivities. and speaking of weddings, a big one is coming up soon. matt's brother proposed to his girlfriend last weekend. (they're the ones who gave us the lilacs, remember?) when we got the call on saturday, we spontaneously dropped everything and made the four hour drive to celebrate with them. it was so much fun and we could not be more excited.

in other big news, i got a new job! it is a similar type sales position but in a new industry. so much change, but i am really looking forward to starting in a couple of weeks. i'm not sure what it will bring, but i hope to keep posting as much as i can (even though the summer months always tend to be a bit light).

and for the last piece of news, we will be taking a trip to PARIS next month! please send ALL recommendations (what to wear, where to eat, what to do, what's not-to-be-missed). we are piecing together outfits and planning our itinerary, and want to do it just right.

the sun is supposed to be out this weekend so we are crossing our fingers for some pool time.

i hope life is good for you!


the painting

it had been so long since i played with paints that i included it on my 24@24 list. just in the nick of time, i was able to cross one more thing off.

am in the process of pumping some fun yellow hues into our living room, and when i happened upon photos from kate spade's spring 2010 ad campaign, i got inspired.


there is nothing about this photo i didn't love. the fun yellow car on the beach, the vintage playful feel. i decided to recreate it as a painting, sans the lady (a bit much for the living room, i felt).




i love how it turned out-- the look and feel is just what i wanted, and the fact that it's one of a kind is pretty fun too! on top of that, pulling out the paints was a treat.

now, moving on to yellow window treatments...

on resolutions.

in addition to my 24 @ 24 list, which is more of a bucket-list type of things to do (and is coming along fairly well, i might add), i did come up with four personal goals for this year. i always do my best to make them quantitative goals so that they are easier to stick with*.

resolutions 2011

*i've found that abstract goals such as "read more" do nothing for me. challenging yet attainable, definitive goals are the way to go!

what have you challenged yourself to do this year?

2010 in photos | part two

2010 july (1)

2010 july (2)

2010 august (1)

2010 aug (2)

2010 sept (1)

2010 sept (2)

2010 october (1)

2010 october (2)

2010 nov (1)

2010 nov (2)

2010 dec (1)

2010 dec (2)

wow, so much goodness in the second half of the year. in july, i married my best friend and we spent an amazing honeymoon in jamaica. in august, we enjoyed a week in northern minnesota relaxing and just embarking on our mr. & mrs. status. we enjoyed the long days of summer to their fullest, and spent evenings outdoors as much as possible. looking back, september seems jam-packed. we ate deep fried oreos at the fair, basked in a field of sunflowers, and ventured into west virginia to spend a weekend camping. in october, we soaked up the fall. i made my last trips to the farmers' market, decorated our entryway for the season, made applesauce from freshly-picked apples, and found a mirror around which i designed the mantle. when the cold finally came in november, i stayed inside and preferred to bake. we made a quick post-thanksgiving trip to nyc, and prepared for christmas. we welcomed december with open arms, and cut down our first christmas tree. our house was decorated top to bottom, and we enjoyed our first christmas as husband and wife.

it was a good year.

2010 in photos | part one

2010 january (1)

2010 january (2)

2010 february (1)

2010 february (2)

2010 march (1)

2010 march (2)

2010 april (1)

2010 april (2)

2010 may (1)

2010 may (2)

2010 june (1)

2010 june (2)

a little outline of our year, in photos. (most are never-before-seen on the blog).

in january we rang in 2010 in northern minnesota, where the temperature dipped below -30 degrees. i made cupcakes when the vikings were in the playoffs, but it didn't help them win. (no such luck this year, but we sure are rooting on our ravens!) february was frigid cold, with record amounts of snow. oh, how i'd love another blizzard in 2011! by march we were so ready for spring. i had my first bridal shower, and we added shelves to our kitchen. in april, the blooms began and we celebrated a beautiful easter. may was fresh produce and sunshine and wedding invitations. by june, we had wedding fever, and the blog didn't get too much attention. i did share my save-the-dates, and spent a weekend in st. michaels, and had fresh herbs at hand.

come back tomorrow for part two!