a cocktail for your weekend

i said to matt yesterday, i either need a vacation or a blizzard. this in-between stuff is no good.


in the meantime, i guess a good drink will have to do.

this was my attempt to recreate a cocktail that i had on valentine's day at wit & wisdom. it has turned out to be a fast favorite, and from what i can tell, will span the seasons. it is fresh and bright, and the thyme garnish makes it just serious enough for the cooler months.




2 oz gin
3/4 oz honey syrup*
1/2 oz fresh squeezed lemon juice
1/2 oz fresh squeezed orange juice
fresh thyme for garnish

pour ingredients into cocktail shaker filled with ice.

strain into glass / garnish with fresh thyme.

*do not be deterred by the honey syrup! simply combine equal parts honey and water into a small saucepan and bring to a simmer. stir until well dissolved. remove from heat, let cool, and store in the fridge.

you guys. please give this a try and let me know what you think. i bet it'd brighten up your winter weekend!


jackson hole & yellowstone

jackson10 jacksondip1


















matt and i spent the weekend in jackson hole, wyoming. neither of us had been previously, but with some good recommendations, we did it well. i managed to come home without any photos of the downtown, but a quick google search will show you what a great feel it has.

the highlight of our trip was a full day snowmobile tour through yellowstone. seeing the park for the first time was an amazing experience for us, and seeing it in the winter was really something special. i could not get over the beauty of the landscape. the breathtaking mountains, untouched snow, steaming rivers and geysers, old faithful (of course), waterfalls… i'm fairly certain i'd never tire of the views. we saw elk and bison, but no moose this time.

we made time for massages, cozied by the fire and paged through books, and of course tried as many of the restaurants as we could get to. we enjoyed bites at nora's (best huevos rancheros), pearl street bagels (they won't toast your bagel but you can watch them make the bagels !!!), trio, silver dollar bar, snake river grillthe handlebar and the granary. we wished we could've eaten more meals as there were definitely some good spots that we didn't get to!

have you been to jackson? we had a great time and can't wait to go back someday!

happy halloween + other recent happenings

lately-enjoying fall

happiest halloween to you! it is a brisk day in maryland today... sunshiney but chilly, and there is no snow left in sight from our saturday squall. there are no costumes for us today, but we do have a full basket of fun-sized treats and a big ol' pumpkin which will become our lantern by dark. with any luck, we'll have more than 4 costumed kids come a knocking.

some recent snapshots//

kane sporting his 'boo!' bandanna which i made last year
an abundance of mini pumpkins and gourds at the market
pumpkin pie oatmeal
a shot out the window on a fall roadtrip
a yellow leaf carpet
sunday evening soup with a fire burning
our front entryway-- mums abound
some new fall polish for my nails: greens & blues
a morning walk with kane
and him waiting for crumbs to drop from the kitchen counter
ravioli with apples, walnuts & sausage / garnished with parm
new wall decor by the front door: "off to see the world..."

ps. remember when we carved a kane-o-lantern?

happy treating!

fall is sweeping in

savory apple tart

savory apple tart [caramelized onions, cheddar, prosciutto] - just one of the creations from our many apples.

tall, autumn trees


this weekend was a perfect one for camping. we got away to the woods and soaked up the sunshine and cloudless days one last time. the evenings were chilly enough to bundle up and enjoy barbecue beans & biscuits, made in the dutch oven.



a warmish fall walk.

other items to note:
+ today i watched leaves fall from the trees one by one
+ our house smells like fall, cider and macintosh candles are burning simultaneously
+ a batch of granola is due to be made
+ (and, can you believe it? i've yet to mix up anything pumpkiny!)
+ for some reason, i've got christmas on the brain
+ busy, but managing to give notice to the simple things

one year.







two weekends ago, matt and i celebrated our one year anniversary. neither of us can believe it was one year ago that we got married.

we marked the occasion with a low key, summer night away in the tiny boating town of st. michaels. we stayed in a little inn, strolled the streets, and ate delicious food, admired the crepe myrtle, sipped cold drinks on a shady bench. we talked about the past, present and future. we both agree that our wedding was an absolute blast, but being married is even better.

happy one year, husband.

for the 4th

this weekend was perfection. we cooked on the grill, ate corn on the cob, sat outside past sunset, and then again once the sun was up. we worked in the garden, got sweaty and dirty, sat by the pool, ate flag cake, and watched fireworks. we finished the weekend with ice cream on the front porch. what's not to love about that?

fourth of july


hope your 4th was perfect, too.

ps. paris pictures are not far off!

up north


a cool and cloudy weekend at the lake, with peeks of sun here and there. we got out on the water a few times, caught the first fish of the season, were serenaded by the loons, and huddled around the campfire in the evenings. because of our busy summer, we won't be able to make it up north as often as we have in the past, so we intend to savor the small bits we have.