weekend happenings


this weekend was one of our last free ones for awhile. we enjoyed some time sipping drinks by the pool, spending time with family, and welcoming the sun after a rainy week. on sunday we stopped by the farmer's market after church and picked up some strawberries & asparagus, as well as some fresh rolls and meat for dinner. we did work in the yard, ran some errands and then feasted on our grilled burgers. we are looking forward to all we have in the upcoming weeks, but really enjoyed savoring the simple time at home.

april camping

camping - apr11

we are back from our first camping trip of the season. it hadn't been since last fall that we were able to make time for a weekend away, and it was definitely welcomed. i just love getting completely off the grid, with only nature as a backdrop.

camping mosaic - apr 11

we grilled pizzas, walked through the woods, basked in the sunshine (and had a butterfly land on my toe!), and were mesmerized by the rapids. matt & i agree that the mornings are the best part of a camping trip. warming up by the campfire with a mug of coffee, eggs and bacon and english muffins as a hearty breakfast, and discussions of what's in store for the day ahead.

and as much as we love it, a few days in the woods really makes us appreciate coming home. our warm, cozy bed (and proximity to the bathroom) were never more loved than on sunday night.

happy (april) weekend!


i hope you have a beautiful weekend! we will be making our way to virginia beach for a wedding... looking forward to celebrating with some good friends.

aren't these ranunculus just beautiful? i took this photo a few weeks ago and still can't get over their prettiness!

see you back here next week.

comfort food.

what's the first thing that comes to your mind? i'd have to say mac & cheese. always has been a favorite.



which is exactly why i decided to make it when it was cold and gray on sunday. i knew right away when annie posted this recipe last week. i texted matt with my idea and within minutes his response: "no pushback here".

well, that was easy.

it was just what we needed... creamy, over-the-top cheesy, and we're still eating the leftovers this week.

happy st. pat's & (early) friday

first spring pedicure

no, i don't want to talk about my pale feet.

but i do want to discuss how i got the first pedicure of the season, and how my toes are so happy. they are donning a bright summery pink and are yearning to feel the sand.

as it turns out, they are in luck, because tomorrow morning we are flying to key west. i am so excited i can't even believe it. this was a (really unlike us) spontaneous idea that we dreamed up a couple of weeks ago, and it is about to come to life! i am having the best time pulling out my summer clothes, deciding which dresses and sandals and jewelry (and swimsuits!!) i will bring. what a treat.

i will be back with plenty of photos (and hopefully a tan) next week. i hope you have a wonderful weekend, and get to taste a bit of the spring that is all set to arrive on sunday.

tomorrow will remain without a post in honor of japan.

ps. any travelers out there have not-to-be-missed spots in key west? do tell.

spring forward weekend

coffeetable succulents

friends coming into town gave me the perfect excuse to spruce up the house a bit this weekend. it is the awkward time between winter and spring, where snowflakes and muted tones feel stale but i am not yet ready for spring brights. i settled on some sunshiney-potted succulents and a burlap runner for the coffee table, and am slowly transitioning the winter decor out. we had an almost springlike weekend, temperatures creeping up enough to enjoy pita and hummus on the deck, but zipped jackets still necessary.

our sunday was quieter. laundry spinning and windows cracked to let in a bit of fresh (but still cool) air. we made a trip to the nursery for the first plants, and got lumber to start on our raised veggie bed. we enjoyed the later sunset, and settled in with spaghetti & meatballs and thick slices of bread. we're more than excited for the extended days that are soon to come.

sweet potato hash

sweet potato hash

after our weekend of indulgence at the lake, a bit of cleansing was called for last week. typically, our saturday breakfasts include all sorts of decadent, not-so-good-for-you things. this weekend, i wanted to keep it simple and nourishing.

enter, sweet potato hash.

i roasted a couple of extra sweet potatoes on friday evening (400 degrees for 35-45 minutes). saturday morning, i diced them up along with a red pepper and half an onion. i sauteed the mixture in olive oil over medium-low heat until the onion and pepper began to soften, added a bit of sea salt, freshly ground pepper, and rubbed sage. (mine was perfectly moist at this point, but if you find yours to be too dry, add a bit of water or vegetable broth and continue to heat until most of the liquid has been absorbed.)

voila! a perfect bed on which to serve your poached eggs. (or scrambled for your husband who does not prefer the "runny yolks").

to each their own. happy breakfasting.

weekend review


this weekend was tops. relaxing and productive and fulfilling and so much together time.
highlights include (in chronological order):

-friday evening reading in the sunroom with a glass of wine
(wondering why i don't allow myself this time more often)
-turkey burgers and a showing of unstoppable
-saturday morning french pressed coffee, eggs & sweet potato hash
-a few hours thrifting; salvaged fern prints for our bathroom
-chicken tortellini soup, homemade french bread
-sunshine and open windows
-granola fresh from the oven
-a long sunday morning walk, husband at my side and pup leading the way
-acrylic on canvas, it's been so long
-washing brushes, (i didn't miss this part)
-clipping and raking and bagging, first time outside this year
-roasted chicken & veggies, pb cookies & oscar night

in other news, halle berry always looks perfect. as does gwyneth paltrow.

snowy minnesota weekend

what a whirlwind. we left 70-degree baltimore on friday morning for a weekend of snow and ice. being in the lakes area of minnesota, we actually missed the big blizzard that hit the cities.. but there was no shortage of winter fun. we bundled up for plenty of ice fishing and snowmobiling and crunching through the snow. when our fingers and toes were achey, we came inside and cozied by the fire. we lived in warm sweatpants and thick sweaters and smartwools. we tried some new recipes (add herbed chicken with orzo, these delicious peanut-buttery cookies, and orangey brownies to your to-try list), finished books* and started new ones. we wanted to stay for the rest of the week.








*i finished up the tipping point, which was my february read. thanks to your suggestions, i started let the great world spin, and have a few more lined up including water for elephants, the new jodi picoult novel, and in defense of food by michael pollan. oh, how i love a good book!

if you're reading this, you already know.


we're on the early flight to minnesota, taking off for a wintry weekend away. we'll be missing the unseasonably warm weather in maryland, but embracing winter for a weekend as we pull on our snowboots and mittens. the itinerary will include ice fishing, snowmobiling, massages, cozying by the fire, hearty meals, and plenty of reading. just what i need in february.

have a wonderful weekend & see you back here on tuesday!