thanksgiving pie

so. i was going to leave you with a great recipe for butternut squash soup today. but it seems that the photos are stuck on my camera (which is dead, and the battery charger is missing)… and seeing that i have bread to bake and nails to paint and fried onions to sprinkle, this iphone shot of a pie will have to do.

apple cider cream pie

how is your prep going? at this point, i couldn't be more thankful to have no travel plans this thanksgiving. it has been raining nonstop on the east coast, and the roadways and airports are dreadful.

with time to spare, i made it to the spa this morning(!), and will meet my husband for lunch today to kick off our holiday weekend. no complaints here.

i made this pie to share with family and friends earlier in the week. ever since i saw the recipe in food & wine, i was dying to try it. and instead of bothering to type it all out, i will send you straight to the source. ladies & gentlemen (do i have any gentlemen?)… i present you with apple cider cream pie. please make and take and share this holiday. it strays just a bit from the traditional pies, but it is sure to be the shining star at your feast.

have the happiest thanksgiving.

november now

yesterday, with my first step out the door, it hit me. it feels like november. you know how it feels when you're pulling that pumpkin pie out of the oven… glancing outside to the gray sky? toting baked goods to thanksgiving dinner, giving hugs, warming up inside and stealing away from the bleak outdoors? leaves piled in the gutters, almost-bare branches, the smell of a fire, maybe a snowflake or two. that's how i will always think of november.


i am happy that thanksgiving is less than a week away. it feels like it's been a long time coming. being especially mindful of thankful this week.



thankful for a job that keeps me busy and challenged. (challenged! last year at this time i couldn't imagine such a thing). for design projects that stimulate. for hot tea and a blanket. for a fireplace - we can't get enough of the crackling, natural warmth. for spinning classes. for recipes and sewing projects and christmas ideas. for football games and butternut squash. for a big family with whom to celebrate the upcoming holiday. for the festive red cups. for pandora / especially the shuffle setting. for the anticipation of getting our christmas tree next week(!) and for having found the very best peanut butter. for finally tackling projects. for smartwool socks and girl scout cookies and sunlight in the mornings. you guys, i'm so thankful.


have yourselves a cozy weekend - back next week with a peek into some holiday prep.

for the 4th

this weekend was perfection. we cooked on the grill, ate corn on the cob, sat outside past sunset, and then again once the sun was up. we worked in the garden, got sweaty and dirty, sat by the pool, ate flag cake, and watched fireworks. we finished the weekend with ice cream on the front porch. what's not to love about that?

fourth of july


hope your 4th was perfect, too.

ps. paris pictures are not far off!

kentucky derby party invites

tomorrow we are hosting our first (annual?) kentucky derby party. i have been working like crazy this week to get the house in order, menu planned and food prepped. i will be back next week with photos from the festivities, but in the meantime, i'd like to share the party invitations.



i printed the invitation cards on white cardstock. there was plenty of heavy kraft cardstock leftover from the wedding, so i used a piece of that as a backer, sewed a muslin pocket on with a red zig zag stitch, and inserted the cards*. a red horse stamp and strip of gingham fabric tape finished them off.

*not visible here, but when the card is completely inside the pocket, the only visible text is 'giddy up'

see you on the flip side.. i've got a big hat to wear and juleps to prep!

valentine's day

hello & happy valentine's day! how was your weekend? we had a wonderful time celebrating early, our first valentine's day as mr. & mrs. we set the table with our nice china*, i made some festive red napkins, put on some music, opened a bottle of wine, and got to work making a restaurant quality meal at home.

we used martha's valentine's suggestions as a guide, making prosciutto wrapped melon, filet with cilantro garlic butter, matchstick-cut potatoes with gruyere, haricot verts with toasted pine nuts, and finishing with individual chocolate pudding cakes. it was decadent to say the least.

(oh, did i forget to mention the champagne & strawberries? yep, we had them too.)



i made a small batch of hearts for our parents, which we hand delivered on sunday.


on valentine's day during our junior year of college, (we went to school 9 hours apart), i sent matt a heart-shaped pizza from a local pizzeria in town. it was a blizzard that year, and i was on the phone with the place several times that day since they weren't sure if they could deliver it. well, they did, and he still talks about it. (the way to my man's heart is truly through his stomach).

we may just have to share a heart-shaped pizza tonight to celebrate.

have a happy heart day!

*did i ever show you our wedding china? we chose kate spade's belle boulevard pattern and i am still smitten!

valentine's tutorial: heart garland


because you requested it, here is the tutorial for the heart garland i mentioned earlier this week. you will need heart shaped (or small round!) doilies, double-sided craft paper, and a sewing machine.


first, trim your paper to size (i cut mine to 6x12" and folded in half, fitting four hearts vertically), fold in half and trace half-hearts along the fold.


cut out your hearts and unfold.



sandwich your doilie between two hearts, making sure matching sides of the paper are facing out.


now, stitch down the center of the heart. i would recommend pulling a bit of thread out before you start so that you have some extra to hang your finished garland.

you can decide how close or far apart you'd like your hearts to be... let the machine stitch as long as you like in between hearts. continue to feed heart-doilie sandwiches through until you're finished.


now you'll have flat heart/doilies strung together. the last step is to fold up each of the hearts along the seam. this makes for a more three-dimensional look.


and there you have it! an easy, festive garland to celebrate with your valentine!

please leave any questions in the comments & i will answer there!